LEED & Energy Efficiency

Designing Green for Less

LEED certified designs result in significant energy usage reduction over the life of the building when compared to non-LEED rated buildings. The issue is that too often the cost of constructing a LEED rated project is significantly more than a non-LEED building. Our staff has the credentials and expertise to design the optimum mechanical systems to reduce up-front cost while still achieving LEED status and maintaining low operating costs. We identify, target, and obtain the most cost-efficient LEED points to produce the desired outcome while minimizing design and construction costs. Our LEED certified engineers work with you to determine the best approach to achieve LEED status and deliver a streamlined and unparalleled design.

E & S Energy Conservation Services

E & S also focuses on providing cost effective energy saving solutions for all applications. Our energy conservation services include field assessments of existing systems to determine efficiency and improvement potential, comparative reports analyzing existing versus proposed mechanical systems with respect to capacities, energy usage, environmental impact, flexibility and cost as well as engaging local agencies for available financial incentives. We seek to inspire, educate, and assist our clients in achieving their goals of cost stability, energy independence, and environmental stewardship.

Some of our LEED & Energy Efficiency Services include:

  • LEED Design
  • LEED Peer Review
  • ASHRAE Energy Audit and Studies
  • Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) Analysis and Recommendations
  • Conditions Assessments
  • Energy Incentive Calculations and Applications for Utility Rebate Programs
  • Energy Modeling
  • Building Heating and Cooling Load Calculations
  • Comparative Mechanical System Studies
  • Building Automation
  • Equipment Replacement and Upgrades