Equipment Replacements & Facility Upgrades

As buildings age, the equipment serving the building becomes less reliable. Over time, the cost associated with maintaining and operating the building mechanical systems will continue to increase and lead to undesirable energy bills and headaches for the owner. Oftentimes, it is much more desirable and cost effective to replace and/or upgrade equipment prior to a catastrophic failure that impacts building operations and comfort.

Advantages for Project Owners

E & S has a long, successful history with substantial equipment replacements and system upgrade projects that improve operating and maintenance cost. This type of project provides the owner with peace of mind knowing they now have reliable, state-of-the-art mechanical systems comparable to when the building was originally developed. E & S operates as the prime construction manager offering a turn-key experience—ultimately, removing the owners’ stress and burden of planning/managing a major system upgrade. E & S works with the owner to develop a plan that eliminates disruptions to the building’s tenants and daily operations. We design and manage the project from the pre-engineering and engineering services through the construction and commissioning period.

Previously completed equipment replacements have included cooling towers, chillers, pumps, air handling units, and entire central plant systems.

On numerous occasions we have upgraded entire building automation systems to current industry standards. These upgrades have allowed the customer the ability to monitor and control all essential mechanical, lighting, and security systems in real-time and provide cost savings through the ability to load shed, reduce peak energy demand, and modify the operation of any equipment that consumes undesirable amounts of energy.