A bold direction


At E & S Construction Engineers, Inc., we envision a world where precise engineering and thoughtful construction unite to form unparalleled buildings. We challenge conventions, leveraging our collective expertise to drive progress for our clients, our industry, and our communities. We are a diverse team united in our mission to redefine the limits of design and construction. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and our client-centric approach, we believe we can redefine what’s possible.
Our Vision

To seamlessly weave engineering precision and construction expertise into every project, redefining the way the world designs, builds, and sustains.

Navigating the Future of Engineering & Construction

At E & S Construction Engineers, Inc., we embody foresight and innovation while deploying our extensive experience and wide-ranging expertise to conquer your distinctive challenges. Our mission is to exceed your expectations, deliver tangible value to your projects, and significantly enhance your bottom line. Our past success and future focus is the solid foundation your projects need.


We preemptively identify obstacles and continually cultivate new skills to meet the progressive demands of our clients. Our unwavering emphasis on innovation fosters advanced construction methods and cutting-edge technology that simplifies every phase of our projects. With E & S Construction Engineers, Inc., you are not just building for today, but preparing for the future.


Our wide-ranging proficiency across various services and markets empowers us to devise tailored solutions for each project’s intricate difficulties. We assemble the perfect team to identify the optimal pathway forward, linking knowledge and experience to aid you in reimagining your project’s potential. With E & S Construction Engineers, Inc., we turn your vision into a reality by demonstrating adaptability and a deep understanding of your unique needs.
Our Commitments

Understanding the weight of every choice


We steadfastly prioritize the safety of our team. Our aspiration is to maintain zero incidents, and our track record showcases an industry-leading low incident rate.


We extend our focus past sustainable construction, adopting a comprehensive outlook on corporate social responsibility. This encompasses partners, personnel, projects, practices, and places – our distinctive 5P Model.


We commit to seeing every project through and proactively design solutions to surpass expectations. Operational excellence imbibes quality principles that manifest clear, measurable success.

Our Fundamental Principles

Enthusiasm. Honesty. Diligence. Expertise. Compassion.

These foundational principles have guided us since our inception, shaping who we are and how we construct. Nothing fuels our spirit more than reshaping the architectural landscape — and we accomplish this by upholding lofty standards, aiming for excellence, fostering trust, and elevating those around us. At E & S Construction Engineers, Inc., we believe in making a lasting impact – on both skylines and relationships.

Your next-generation construction partners

Kevin Braughton


“Kevin will be our principal managing the project. He attended Montgomery College where he obtained his degree in Construction Technology. Kevin has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of complex, large-scale commercial projects, including retail, office buildings, industrial, and indoor agricultural facilities”

William Kingsland


“Bill serves as the managing Principal of E & S Construction Engineers, Inc. supplying over 40 years of experience in mechanical design and construction management. Bill specializes in retail development and is accustomed to working on complex, multifaceted projects.”

Allen Poist


“Allen has almost 50 years of experience in the design of Building Mechanical Systems, preparation of Engineering Drawings, Specifications, preparation of fabrication drawings, and construction project management.”